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formation process

 Steps before entering the Aspirantate

Vocational discernment and accompaniment

  • Through prayer and reflection, the young woman who desires to become a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians will discern not just what she wants to do with her life but will try her best to discover what the Lords wants for her life.
  • She will be encouraged to attend the Life's Direction Encounters (search-in encounters organized by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians) organized by the FMA community nearest her locality.
  • She will be accompanied in her discernment by the FMA Animator and/or the FMA National Vocation Directress.
  • If the young girl is not from an FMA ambient, it will be good to be involved in the mission of the FMA community. This will help her in her discernment if she is fit for the mission among young people.


  • The young woman who decides to enter the Congregation will express her desire to the FMA Animator of the community nearest her locality or to the National Vocation Directress.
  • The FMA animator/National Vocation Directress will try to get to know her through some personal encounter with her and will schedule a visit to the candidate's family in order to get to know her better and to discern together whether she is fit for the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.
  • The FMA National Vocation Directress will inform the young girl if she can already be admitted to the Aspirantate, the first stage of formation.


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Requirements for entering the FMA Aspirantate

the formation process


The Aspirantate could be described as a strong experience of Christian living.

The young girl will deepen her understanding of her Baptismal consecration, in which the religious consecration is rooted.

She will be initiated into community and apostolic life in the spirit of the Institute and will endeavour to reach the degree of maturity necessary for her to make her choice of vocation freely and responsibly. (C86)

An Aspirant will write an application letter if she feels ready for Postulancy.
  • The period of Aspirantate or of assessment and guidance usually lasts for one year but may be extended when the candidate is not yet prepared for the next stage.


The postulancy is the time of immediate preparation for the novitiate.

During this period the candidate will endeavor to deepen her understanding of God's call and gradually and calmly accustom herself to make the detachments spoken of in the Gospel, which are indispensable for a true personal meeting with Christ and a more generous dedication to others.

The work of formation will be intensified by a deeper experience of prayer,
community life and the apostolate; by a more accurate doctrinal reparation
and a progressive assimilation of the spirit of Don Bosco and of Mother Mazzarello. (C88)
  • Postulancy lasts for ten months. When the Postulant has given definite proof of possessing the dispositions necessary for living the vocation of a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, she will make her request to enter the Novitiate.



The novitiate is the period of real initiation into the religious life. Through reflection on the Word of God, diligent study and assimilation of the Constitutions, daily effort in self-discipline, and the integration of work and prayer, the novice will understand ever better the demands of the following of Christ in our Salesian vocation.

Through participation in community life and suitable apostolic experience she will become aware of the sense of mission.

She will endeavour gradually to assume the identity of the Daughter of Mary Help of Christians
and strengthen her sense of belonging to the Institute, in the joy of self-giving to God for the salvation of young people. (C90)
  • After two years of Novitiate, the Novice may be admitted to religious profession if she has a clear understanding of its nature and importance, and possess the necessary maturity to decide freely and in all sincerity to give herself to God, accepting responsibly the obligations inherent in the vocation of a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians.



The Juniorate corresponds to the entire period of temporary vows. It is a very important time of formation for growth in one’s vocation and preparation for perpetual profession.
It is intended to consolidate in the Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, the life of union with God and the sense of belonging to the Institute; to introduce her gradually into pastoral work with young people while continuing her specific Salesian formation.
  • After a period of six years, the Daughter of Mary Help of Christians can apply for admission to perpetual profession if she is already certain that she wants to give herself to God forever in the service of others, especially of young people,according to the project of our Founder, Don Bosco. However, if on the sixth year of profession, she is not yet ready to commit herself forever, she can postpone it until the seventh, eighth or ninth year.


The religious profession lived in fidelity to God in the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, and as a response to the expectations of the Church and of young people demands continuous self-formation. (C100)
Each Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, in docility to the Holy Spirit, will be attentive to discern and profit by every occasion for vocational growth to achieve the fullness of our identity.
Perseverance in one's vocation requires constant vigilance and finds support in the fidelity of God himself. (C104)
Fidelity lived in its fullness has its crowning point in death, which sets its final seal on our religious profession, and is the moment of total union with God. (C107)



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